SIMRITI DE KIRAN TON PEHLAN PAGES 70 Hard bound.Publisher: Navyug Publishers, Delhi

It is a long poem consisting of five cantos and 1010 lines. In it, the poet attempts to capture the emotive memories of a man who is about to quit the world. The poet has concerned himself with the basic and pervasive questions of human existence in their pure and absolute form. The special innovation of the poet rests in his bringing into confrontation pairs of opposites – such as existence and nonexistence, name and form, truth and beauty, happiness and sorrow, meeting and parting, superstition and faith, certainty and doubt, eternity and temporality and remembering and forgetting. These pairs mutually illumine one another and provide the reader with alive emotion in spite of the fact that there is no reliance on description of events, Dr, Attar Singh, a renowned critic of his time wrote, “After the publication of this unique work, the history of modern Punjabi poetry shall be divided between before and after this poem.