Literary profile of Dr. J.S.Neki

Jaswant Singh Neki is a major poet among the third generation of modern Punjabi writers. He is a psychiatrist of international repute, known for his cross-cultural enquiries into human behavior. Backed by an excellent academic career in Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry, he represented India at many an international forums, chaired important sessions of international professional conferences, delivered key-note addresses, earned numerous Fellowships, held office in international bodies and Visiting Professorship at foreign universities. The vast experience he thus gained into human psyche shaped the poet in him in many ways. This, perhaps, is the mystique that makes him unique among modern Punjabi poets. The former Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University, Professor Amrik Singh, has likened him with Professor Puran Singh, the great legendary poet of the first generation of modern Punjabi writers. Although the two Punjabi poets are altogether different in the tone and tenor of their poetry, they are alike in that Punjabi scholarship is yet to grasp the profundity of these two poets. Amrik Singh observes that most other Punjabi poets delve into themes of tangible social reality which fact makes them easier for critical scrutiny. Neki's poetry, however, seeks and articulates the intangible and the mysterious operating behind the surface reality. That is how the philosophical and metaphysical have become inbuilt components of his creative process.

Born on 27th August 1925, he published his first collection of poems Asle te Ohle (The Reality and its Veil) in 1955. Principal Teja Singh, in his introduction to it observed, "With this poet, Punjabi poetry has come of age". Further works followed as under: