ASLE TE OHLE Pages 138 Hard bound Publisher: Singh Brothers, Amritsar.

Published in 1955, this was Dr Neki’s first collection of original verse.Professor Teja Singh, the renowned scholar and critic, in his introduction to this book wrote , “With this poet Punjabi poetry enters a new era – both in form and substance. While he presents very subtle and profound thoughts, he does so with remarkable simplicity. The flow of emotions moves so smoothly, that the meter harmonizing with thought, arouses the spirit and touches the heart, The themes chosen by the erudite poet bear testimony to his far reaching vision and sublime imagination. Whichever theme the poet picks up, animates it by his magnificent poetic craft. Dr, Neki even transmutes difficult scientific thoughts unto artistic entitiesand expresses them in simple diction with great spontaneity and natural ease. He can create music out of folk language.